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Hi I’m Macy — the solution to your “I should really hire someone for my social media” problem.

I began my journey as a blogger in 2019 and graduated in 2021 with a Diploma in Social Media Marketing. In addition to being a small business owner, I also work in a hospital and am a proud mother and wife. The best part about juggling all of these roles is that I get to pursue all the things I love.

why work with me?

Neat & Social Creative Solutions started before I even named it. It came from a business owner's trust and my love for creativity and helping others. When a pharmaceutical company asked me to handle their social media, I enthusiastically agreed. I went to school to learn more, got my social media marketing diploma in 2021, and now, here I am!

Choosing to work with me as your social media manager is the key to unlocking a vibrant online presence for your business. I bring a mix of creativity and strategy to make your brand stand out. What makes me different? I keep things simple and stress-free. I'm here to understand your business and collaborate with YOU seamlessly. 

It's not just me anymore! 

I have a team of experts ready to assist you with all your social media needs!

Kristhine is our go-to expert for all your photography needs. Sammy is our main photographer too! She does stylized, branding and lifestyle shoots.

Riddhi is here for community management and also serves as our Assistant Social Media Manager.

In the last photo, we have two more valuable members: Andrea, who specializes in writing and handling emails, and Kevin for Website development and comprehensive Print services.


Together, we are committed to delivering top-notch support across all aspects of your requirements!


Trust and Integrity

Passion for Creativity

Eagerness to Learn and Grow

Commitment to Excellence

Personalized Partnership

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this is your sign to work with me.

You can spend hours searching on Google, or you can work with me to reclaim your time and invest it in activities that generate money and grow your business.

It's your choice! I believe in you!

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