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are you Struggling to balance running a business, having family time, personal time and more?

If you're ready to turn things around and say "I got this!", CTA (Call to Accelerate) 2.0 is your answer!

In just 3 hours (more or less, depending on how you take it!), you'll be able to:


  • Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed with tons of information and no clear direction.

  • Learn and apply the lessons without hours of browsing.

  • Extend your reach by integrating Facebook with Instagram.

  • Save time with Canva design tips for busy entrepreneurs.

I know you're facing some real challenges as a busy business owner already, let alone managing your own socials.

Let me help you!

CTA 2.0 Courses

$99 Each Only! If you have questions tap HERE and we'll chat!

  • Module 1
    Building Your Foundation on Instagram: Clarifying Your Goals and Objectives. Audience Persona Refinement for 2024. The Power of Storytelling. Crafting Your Unique Content Pillars. Optimizing Your Instagram Profile: Bio, Highlights, and Feed. Activity: Instagram Profile Revamp.
  • Module 2
    IG Content Creation Mastery: Security Settings. Exploring Instagram's Latest Formats & Features. Creating a Compelling Post. Activity: Post Insights Assessment.
  • Module 3
    Reels, Reels, Reels: Reels on the Surface. Going Beyond the Basics. Crafting Engaging Reels: Templates, Trends, and Hacks. Activity: Create a Reel Using Remix or Reel Template.
  • Module 4
    The Art of Audience Engagement: Crafting Captivating Captions. Boosting Engagement. Best Practices. Activity: Create a Post with Optimized Captions and Hashtags.
  • Module 5
    Facebook for Business Growth: Facebook and Instagram. Scheduling Content with Creator Studio. The Power of Facebook Groups. Activity: Identify and Join Relevant Facebook Groups.

The ultimate social media blueprint

The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Blueprint is a comprehensive guide aimed at helping individuals and businesses kick-start success in social media marketing.

It covers essential topics such as branding, understanding the power of social media, Instagram basics, algorithms, analytics, content strategy, SEO, hashtags, content design, organizing content, growing your following, and marketing on Facebook.

It provides practical advice, tips, and strategies to create engaging content, understand and use analytics, optimize social media presence, and effectively reach and grow an audience.

The guide also includes worksheets and examples for creating a personalized content strategy.


This guide is definitely for you if :

✨ You're a small business owner who lacks the time to optimize social media profiles, potentially missing out on reaching buyers due to poor visibility.

✨ You're an entrepreneur struggling to create engaging content, resulting in low follower engagement.

✨ You're a working parent, especially a mother, balancing multiple responsibilities and finding it challenging to maintain an active social media presence.

✨ You're a content creator needing strategies to grow and engage your audience effectively.

✨ You're a social media marketer searching for efficient methods to leverage algorithms and analytics for client success.

Take charge today!

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macy canadian social media manager and social media coach


Email me by clicking the button below. I can't wait to hear from you!

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